1. Downtown Broadway Project
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  1. In October 2010, a consortium of more than 60 regional partners, led by the Mid-America Regional Council, received a $4.25 million planning grant from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to advance the implementation of the Regional Plan for Sustainable Development, Creating Sustainable Places.

    The 2013 Planning Sustainable Places Program (PSP) combines funds dedicated to the demonstration projects component of Creating Sustainable Places and the Livable Communities Surface Transportation/Bridge Program to provide local governments with financial support to advance detailed local planning and project development activities. These projects will be consistent with the goals of Creating Sustainable Places and the region’s long-range transportation plan, Transportation Outlook 2040. The program received 37 applications and funded 18 projects, one of which was the City of Louisburg Downtown Broadway Complete Street, Green Street project.

    In August of 2015 City Council selected Olsson Associates from a final round list of three consultant groups that proposed various approaches to help revitalize the Downtown Broadway area.  The area in question is along Broadway, between Amity/K68 and South 3rd Street.  The project includes a focus on:
    a. Alternative (Active) Transportation
    b. Sustainable Practices
    c. Reinvestment in Existing Infrastructure

    The consulting group was selected to help improve the plan area by providing the following services:
    • Identify specific accessibility and infrastructure issues to address;
    • Create a methodical and incremental approach to resolving identified infrastructure problems by outlining a 5-10 year program for improvements;
    • Make improvements to circulation and connectivity that make downtown a “pedestrian first” place beginning with Broadway and branching outward; and
    • Create an aesthetic guide to inform the future phase of construction documentation.

    To learn more about the plan, click here to go to the Document Center and select the folder labeled Downtown Planning and Improvements.