Is open burning allowed?

The burning of leaves is allowed on Fridays and Saturdays and no permit is required. Anyone burning must call the Miami County Sheriff's Office, 913-294-4444 option 4, prior to any burn. Additionally any outside burning shall be attended at all times by the person who has set the fire, or his agent; a person shall not initiate burning during the night hours, which for the purpose of this regulation shall mean the period from two hours before sunset until one hour after sunrise; that the person shall not add material to a fire after two hours before sunset and before one hour after sunrise; and no person shall burn when the wind speed is in excess of 15 mph. Burning in the street is strictly prohibited. Violations can be reported to the Fire Department or Police Department.

For those living in Fire District #2, outside the city limits, a burn permit required. 

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1. Is open burning allowed?
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