What’s the historical timeline of the current lagoons?
The original North lagoons were built in 1962 and expanded in the 1970s. In 2009 the North lagoons were expanded again, adding 2 more cells for a total of 5 cells at that site. Currently the North lagoons can treat 0.42 million gallons per day.

The South lagoons were built in 1990 and consisted of 3 cells. In 2006 the site was upgraded with 2 additional cells. Currently the South lagoons can treat 0.60 million gallons per day.

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1. It’s now Spring 2017. What’s the latest on the sewer project?
2. What is wrong with the City of Louisburg’s current sewer system and why are changes needed?
3. Why is the City of Louisburg being targeted to make changes?
4. What was the City’s next step?
5. What did the Larkin Lamp Rynearson report say?
6. I thought the City upgraded the lagoons several years ago and those changes were to be sufficient for 20 or more years. What happened?
7. What’s the historical timeline of the current lagoons?
8. The City has decided Option 3 best fits the City’s needs. Why?
9. Now the big question. What does this do to sewer rates?
10. Where can I find the report to learn more?