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Park Facilities Reservations


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    1. Park Reservation Information
      Residents are welcome to use the City’s parks facilities free of charge at any time unless a reservation has been secured through City Hall. In the event of a reservation, the renter has exclusive use of the area/shelter reserved. Churches and the Louisburg Library are exempt from paying the rental fee but are still asked to reserve use. Available shelters include the shelter house at Ron Weers Park, the two shelter houses north of the lake at Lewis-Young Park and the bandstand at City Park. Other park areas may also be available for rental. Contact for more information.
    2. Payment & Reservation Instructions
      Reserve a park facility using the options below. All reservations must be paid either in person or by mailing payment to: City Hall, 215 S. Broadway, Louisburg, KS 66053. If mailing payment, please print form and include with payment. Reservations must be made 48 hours prior to event. Reservations are not confirmed until payment is received. In the event you postpone or cancel a paid reservation, you must fill out a new form for the desired rescheduled date. Please verify the date availability using the Facilities Calendar link below.
    3. Your Reservation
      Your reservation will be listed on the Facilities Calendar by your last name and park facility once your reservation has been approved by City staff.
    4. No Alcohol
      Alcohol is not allowed on public property including the City's parks.
    5. Restroom Availability at Parks

      Restrooms at parks are seasonal facilities. Users are notified the secure restroom facilities at Ron Weers Park are cleaned weekly, not cleaned after each rental use. Public-access restrooms at Fox Hall and restrooms at Ron Weers Park and Lewis-Young Park are cleaned at least weekly by city staff but staff is not available to clean on the weekends. Lewis-Young Park restrooms are cleaned by Louisburg Recreation Commission after events at the park hosted by LRC otherwise those restrooms are closed to the public. Portable restrooms in all parks are cleaned weekly by the firm that provides those portable facilities.