Garbage Collection

L&K Group Holdings, a Waste Management Company, provides local curbside garbage removal, including various recycling services, as well as optional yard waste pick-up. For local service, please call L&K at 913-837-4637 or 888-837-4640 or go to the Louisburg page on their website.

2019 Louisburg collection schedule - the calendar is at the bottom of the flyer

2020 - Louisburg trash collection schedule - the calendar is at the bottom of the flyer

2019 Louisburg yard waste calendar

2020 Louisburg yard waste calendar

The market for recyclables is becoming more strict. Confusion is causing a lot of unacceptable materials to end up in curbside recycling bins. With the markets for recyclables in a fragile state, it is more important than ever that we collect only clean, acceptable materials. If you have additional recycling questions, you may reach out to City Hall, visit or call 816-474-TEAM.

Recycle better (PDF). Learn how items on the non-recyclable list can ruin the entire load.

Learn which types of glass are recyclable or not recyclable from this flyer provided by Ripple Glass. A Ripple Glass container is located in the Price Chopper parking lot for glass recycling as glass is not part of the weekly recyclable collection.

Learn why soggy and wet recyclable items spoils the entire load (PDF).

Don't recycle that plastic bag! Learn why (PDF).

Want to test your recycling knowledge? Take a quiz (PDF).

Aluminum can recycling is also available in a container at the Price Chopper parking lot. That service is provided as a fund-raiser for the local Boy Scout troop.

Interested in learning more about recycling food waste?'s Compost and Yard Waste page has lots of good information.

City of Louisburg Solid Waste Contract