Planning Commission


The planning commission is a group of appointed officials who oversees city planning and zoning issues. This group is charged with controlling growth, promoting economic health, and improving the quality of life for all citizens. Terms are for three years. Terms and membership are outlined in Ordinance 1028. The planning commission shall consist of nine members, two of whom may reside outside the city limits but within three miles of the city limits. This is a volunteer appointment. Meetings are conducted at 6:30 p.m. the last Wednesday of the month, unless a holiday occurs that week. The number in parentheses indicates the year the current term ends.

  • Andy Sauber, Chair (2022)
  • Lee Baer (2023)
  • George Bazin (2024)
  • Michelle Olson (2024)
  • Les Page (2022)

  • McKenzie Phillips (2023)
  • Rick Phillips (2022)
  • Danny Quinn (2023)
  • Michael Sharp (2024)
  • Sandy Harris - (Council Liason)